Long Xing Casting
A Large-scale Investment Casting Foundry
A Large-scale Investment Casting Foundry
 Advanced Lost Wax Casting Technology
Advanced Lost Wax Casting Technology
A Leading Metal Forming And Processing Manufacturer
A Leading Metal Forming And Processing Manufacturer
An Industry-leading Machining Manufacturer
An Industry-leading Machining Manufacturer
Western Quality Since 1992
Western Quality Since 1992
Welcome to the world of longxing!

Longxing is a globally recognized manufacturer of high-valued added and complex castings for global industry leaders.

We are the world class precision machining, casting company providing the highest quality products, services and solutions to our customers.


As a global leading investment casting foundry that incorporate matchless machining capacities, Longxing is committed to manufacturing and supplying precision castings and forgings and other machined parts for a wide range of industries including automobile, rail, construction equipment, material handling equipment, and agricultural machinery.
We supply end-products to top-end markets for global customer's well-diversified requirements. By developing a key growth strategy that offers one-stop total solution and services which integrates sheet metal, welding, surface treatment, and assembly in its components manufacturing, Longxing emerges as a leading metal forming and processing manufacturer that possesses solid comprehensive strength and unique business model.

Longxing Fast Facts

1992 Established
4 Factory
50,000 sq. Total area
500 Employees
20,000 ton. Capacity
57 M. Turnover
30 + Export countries


Throughout the world and in a diverse range of industry sectors we deliver value by working closely with our customers to provide custom engineered components that cater to their specific industry and applications

Experienced with the world’s major OEMs, Longxing team of experts utilize their decades of experience to create, design and produce advanced technology solutions for a broad variety of industries. We proudly serve a range of industries including mainly automobile, rail, construction equipment, material handling equipment, agricultural machinery and other industries like mining machinery, shipbuilding, petroleum machinery, construction, pump and valves, electric machine, hardware, power equipment.

Provide customers with the most suitable casting solution
for many applications


Our superbly equipped casting and machining facility enable us to manufacture and supply machined investment casting products which is our core products. Our high end customer with diversified requirement and one-stop solution in products and services can also count Longxing for sand casting parts, forging parts, machining parts, welding parts, etc.


Backed up by our modernized workshops, reliable equipment and advanced manufacturing technology, Longxing is devoting to manufacturing high quality industrial products for our customers. We have abundance of experience in lost wax casting, shell molding, sanding casting, forging, precision machining, surface treatment, welding, sheet metal and assembling which we would like to share with you and be of your service.

Lost Wax Casting
Shell Moulding
Sand Casting
Heat Treating
Precision Machining
Surface Treating
Sheet Metal
We are continually investing in new technologies and expanding our facilities to deliver a full range of cutting engineering solutions


Quality is central to everything we do. It is our level of commitment to deliver a high quality product, ensured by a tight process control, that means we are able to repeatedly exceed our customers’ expectations.

Every employee at Longxing is responsible for vigilantly watching over every step of our input and output processes.Our products go through strict quality checks at every workstation to achieve maximum quality control for each manufacturing process.


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