The parent company Longxing Casting & Machinery operates on a group management model.The Longxing name is the primary marketing brand. The Group has three wholly owned subsidiaries:

Ningbo Longxing Casting & Machinery Manufactory -- Holding Company
Ningbo Fenghua Huawei Investment Casting Co.,LTD -- Casting Operations
Ningbo Qianhao Metal Product Co.,LTD- - Machining Operations
Ningbo Qianhao machinery Co.,LTD-- Sheet Metal Operations

Holding company management includes senior level managers who oversee and coordinate the division operations. The casting and machining divisions each have their own dedicated management teams (Production Management, Engineering, QC, Supply Chain,) experienced with their respective processes and they are part of Longxing’s integrated supply chain.

Many key customers prefer a central point of control for multiple products. In order to provide customer with one-stop procurement solution, Longxing has established strategic cooperation with a number of foundries and forging plants. The outsourced raw castings and forgings are precision machined in Longxing and supplied as finished casting and forging products.  


Silica Sol -                1
Sand casting -         3  (1 steel + 2 iron).          
Steel forging -         4

Longxing is recognized as the most reliable and trustworthy partner and has offer our customers below advantages:

We act as central control and coordinate order processing, production planning & logistics, you have one point QA accountability and a coordinated supply chain focus
With 20 year+ Western management and exporting practice, we understand your need and culture and apply that to all factories

You can rely on Longxing's machining capabilities and trust in  our quality assurance ability which safeguard the quality of blanks.

Longxing  purchasing team's rich experience in sourcing castings and forgings can effectively reduce your cost.